Accessories and Customization ATV or UTV

ATVs and UTVs may look quite similar, but their purpose and specifications are far different. An all-terrain vehicle is best suited for those who are looking for speed and low-budgeted ride.

All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) is great for quick turns and mostly used for race. It comes in different forms such as sports quads and utility ATVs. Utility Vehicle on the other hand, is several thousand dollars more expensive than ATVs. It is used for specialized work and great for long hauls.

Both vehicles can be used for plowing snow during winter season. It can also be used in other purposes. You just need to use the right accessories for specific purpose.

Getting to know more about ATV and UTV

The Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) is different in terms of weight and design. It is heavier and larger compared to an ATV. The design of this vehicle includes huge fenders to protect and deflect debris, water and mud from the rider while driving on the trail. Some UTVs have racks that are used for strapping down cargo and tools. This vehicle is great for towing heavy loads and mostly used by people working on small-scale projects, hunting, or snow plowing.

UTVs are expensive compared to ATVs but it is a nice investment especially since it is used for specialized work. The sporty models are constructed for high performance. It can also be modified just like ATV so it will be suited for specific needs. There’s an array of accessories available for this type of vehicle.

Must have upgrades and accessories

You can find diverse types of UTV or ATV snow plows in the market, which range in different sizes and styles. Snow plow can be paired with a winch, which is used to lift the snow blade out of the roadway when the load is not being lifted or moved. This accessory also has the ability to pull the blade out when it gets stuck.

Another great accessory which is a must have is a set of aftermarket tires. There are many types of tire design that you can choose from, but make sure to purchase the correct type and model depending on your need. Most common tire upgrades are mud and off road tires. These types of tires are essentially effective specially if you go deep mud drive or rough and rocky terrain runs. It provides that extra grip and stability when you need it the most. Dependable and reliable brands are a must and should not be ignored. Here are some of the brands that has a good and proven track records; ITP, Sedona, GBC, EFX ATV tires.

For UTVs, other accessories are created for further modifications such as specialty HID and LED lighting, cab kits, in-cab heaters, and even stereo systems. Other easy mod that can be done in both vehicles is changing the tires. Upgrading the wheels and tires may be expensive but choosing the right parts is very important and can even enhance the performance of the vehicle. These automotive parts will play vital roles on the purpose of the vehicle, whether it may be for racing, plowing, or towing. You may talk with a dealer to help you find the right tire and wheels setup for your needs.

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