All about Headache Racks

3 min readDec 3, 2016


Ever wonder why headache racks for trucks are called that way? The thing is headache racks can save you from “headache” because it provides added safety to your vehicle. This automotive part is used to secure heavy materials and equipment you are transporting in your truck.

This exterior add-on helps to keep everyone inside the cab protected especially in the event of a sudden brake. It prevents the heavy objects from sliding around in your truck. It avoids the stuff from launching forward through the rear cab window when you come to a sudden stop.

Added safety to the cab and truck bed

Headache rack can save your head from injuries or accidents. It reduces the risks especially when you’re carrying a lot of cargo or heavy loads in the back of the truck which can potentially slide or fly through the rear cab window and injure passenger if you made a sudden stop. This can also prevent the passengers from banging their head onto the bar if they stood up too quickly when loading or unloading things from the back of the truck. That’s why the term headache rack was coined because it serves as a reminder to watch your head.

It is designed to protect the rest of the window and cab. It also guards the glass edges on the rear, which is very vulnerable and can break easily when hit by rigid materials. You may carry long cargo without having to worry about it sliding off if you have this accessory on your vehicle.

Other utility trucks use headache racks for construction, plowing and towing purposes since it can help in carrying a load. The chains and binders can be hung onto the rack instead of letting them slide around in your bed or cab.

Functional and stylish

Headache rack is one of the useful pieces you can install for your truck. Its functionality has helped truck owners such as protection for the cab area. It also serves as a protection for expensive equipment or any load you have on your truck bed. It prevents dents and scrapes which can diminish the value of your vehicle.

This exterior add-on is popular in the southwest. Some designs give a low profile look to the truck while others have vertical uprights that extend above the top cross bar for a cooler look. It can also keep the sun off the back of the cab and provides shade, making the cab cooler during sunny days.

It can also be customized so if you’re planning to put on additional accessories, you can add lights onto the headache rack which you can use for when driving during night time. Installing the headache rack is easy. It provides a hassle-free installation from its bolt-on design. It is attached behind the cab of your truck and you can easily remove it if you ever feel the need to do so.

This automotive part also provides an added style to your trucks exterior. It adds and flair and set the looks apart from other stock trucks. This functional truck accessory comes in different designs and style, depending on the brand. It is constructed from heavy duty flat or round steel which provides increased security for driver and passengers by shielding the cab.

It is available in different styles such as flat iron, heavy-duty, round tube, and tool box styled racks. You can choose heavy duty, steel racks to get an outstanding protection for your truck. It also comes in different finishes including chrome, stainless steel, white powder-coat and black powder-coat. Choose a design and finish that will match or even elevate the style of your truck.




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