Apple’s Manufacturing Partner, Foxconn, Unveils Electric Crossover and Pickup Truck

5 min readNov 20, 2022

The Taiwanese multinational electronics company Hon Hai Technology Group, better known as Foxconn, is the worldwide leader in manufacturing products. The company has nearly 50 years of experience. It is recognized for manufacturing household-name electronics like the iPhone and Nintendo Switch. But who would have guessed that Apple’s partner in assembling iPhones and iPads unveiled a lineup of promising electric vehicles?

Photo Credit: Kwo Jackson

Foxtron EVs unveiled

In the fall of 2021, the Taiwanese global tech manufacturer announced its entry as an electric vehicle manufacturer. They got a whole series of e-cars, including the Model E sedan, the Model C e-SUV, and the Model T mini-bus.

Foxconn showed off the new Model B and Model V at its technology show in Taipei. The collaboration between Foxconn and Yulon Motor has brought about the creation of the Model B, a compact crossover.

The production of the Model C concept launched in October 2021 has also been announced. Pre-orders are now available for the electric SUV for the 2023 model. The Model B uses the same platform as Model C. The crossover has a full-length glass roof, an innovative way for passengers to enjoy the sunny weather. It also has a range of 280 miles on one charge. It has a 112.6-inch-long wheelbase and measures 4.64 meters in length.

Model V is also revealed as Taiwan’s first electric pickup truck. It will be produced in Thailand, Taiwan, and the United States. Americans love pickup trucks — and with Foxtron’s Model V, they may have a chance to enter the electric truck market.

It sports some black wheels with a touch of chrome, then paired with a set of great truck tires. The rims seemed like the electric blue exterior concealed it. It has a modern-looking fascia with a blue illuminated grille. The chunky two-door truck has an eye-catching design with its nearly invisible door handles, futuristic-looking LED lighting, and a self-extracting rotary knob for the automatic transmission.

Investments in startup automakers

According to Foxconn’s chairman Liu Young-way, after they announced the plan to build EVs in 2020, a lot of people questioned whether they could make cars. A year later, they unveiled three models to show their operating speed.

Foxconn has revealed that it wants to build and sell in the United States. Not only are they settling in manufacturing iPhones or other electronic devices. The electronics manufacturer wants to diversify its portfolio and show its ability to create electric vehicles.

The Taiwanese manufacturer had set up arrangements to build electric vehicles. It has already invested millions of dollars in various automotive startups.

  • Lordstown

The funds from Foxconn’s deal with Lordstown are going to be used to hire engineers and develop EVs. The plan is to produce two new electric vehicles — a new pickup truck and a sporty crossover — at the Lordstown plant. The factory will be used to build EVs for clients under contract. It also includes the Endurance and the new low-cost model for Fisker that’s expected to be released in 2024.

  • Fisker

The California startup Fisker has signed an agreement with Foxconn to co-develop and manufacture a new electric car. It will be sold under the Fisker brand name in China, Europe, India, and North America. The production for the U.S. market will begin by the end of 2023. The joint program between the two companies is called Project PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution). Fisker’s chairman and CEO, Henrik Fisker, described the PEAR vehicle as the “next big thing in car design.” The car is presented as eco-friendly and desirable and appeals to drivers switching from gasoline vehicles.

  • Yulon Motor

Foxconn has also joint ventured with Taiwan-based Yulon Motor to manufacture its new EV crossover. The company has partnered with the Italian auto designer Pininfarina SpA for the Model B production.

Joint venture with Saudi

It doesn’t stop there because Foxconn is on a roll. Apart from partnerships with startups, it also got a fund from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth. It may be contradicting to hear since the country possesses around 17 percent of the world’s petroleum reserves and other natural resources, including natural gas, gold, iron ore, and copper.

Saudi’s goal is to push to build new industries and minimize the dependence on oil. The country’s venture with the electronics manufacturing company will make electric cars in the kingdom.

The proposed electric cars will be sold under Ceer, the first Saudi automotive brand to produce EVs in Saudi Arabia. The design and manufacturing will be done within the country. Sedans and sports utility vehicles will be offered for Saudi Arabian consumers, including the Middle East and North African region.

Foxconn’s automotive plans

According to chairman Liu, his ultimate goal is to approach the 40 to 45 percent share that the company has in smartphone and electronics manufacturing. The company has a massive ambition, but manufacturing half of the world’s electric vehicles is one of its long-term goals.

The entire Foxconn business model is to provide manufacturing services for other companies. The same way as Europe’s Magna Steyr is doing — manufacturing some vehicles for automakers such as BMW, Jaguar, and Mercedes. Foxconn’s chairman also said that he hopes they will manufacture cars for Tesla one day.

The Asian company has no plans to offer cars under its name, which is why it doesn’t sell Foxconn-branded smartphones. Instead, the company wants to manufacture vehicles under the brand name “Foxtron.”

Last fall, Foxconn held an event to show off its automotive manufacturing and development. The company also revealed that it had developed an open-source software and hardware platform for EV manufacturing. By 2024, it plans to create a solid-state battery entirely.

The demand for EVs continues to soar. Automakers switching their gas vehicle production to electric ones is not only the reason. Many consumers and governments embrace technology, which spurs a global shift for the automotive and tech industries. Entering the field of EV manufacturing, crowded by aggressive rivals, can be challenging. However, Foxconn may still have an advantage. The Taiwanese company hopes to build 5 percent of the electric cars in the world by 2025.




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