Automotive Vent Visors

Vent visors are called in many names such as; rain guard, rain visor, window visor, or window deflector etc. This might look like a simple add-on but it has great benefits for your vehicle. Cars trucks or SUVs can have this automotive accessory which provides protection for the interior from wet weather. It deflects rain, snow, and wind.

Vent visor allows you to keep your windows open even in inclement weather, no matter if it’s raining outside or windy when you driving on the highway. It is created to help block some snow or raindrops from the windows of your vehicle. It also gives an enhanced look on your vehicle’s exterior.

Before you buy this automotive accessory for your vehicle, let us give you some information about styles. Better know the difference and see what suits your preference.

Vent visor styles

Vent visor improves the gas mileage since the design can aerodynamically deflect wind, which is somewhat like an airplane wing. It helps in minimizing the wind resistance that delays the vehicle’s forward motion. The In-Channel Vent Visors and Tape-On Deflectors are the types of this exterior add-on.

· In-Channel Vent Visors

This style has smooth looks that provides added flair and a more low-profile look. The mounting flanges are hidden from view so it blends with the looks of the vehicle. It is easy to install and can be mounted up into the window channels. It doesn’t require any adhesive and no drilling and tools are involved for installation. It is also easy to remove if you decide it’s time to change the style again.

It is made to fit directly onto the window channels to ensure the grip. However, setting this up onto the vehicle exterior needs extra care because bending and flexing might be needed. You may need to exert some force to get this accessory in the channel properly, but forcing too much can break the deflector. Another installation concern is the possibility of scratching the glass since it is mounted at top of the window.

· Tape-On Window Deflectors

If you want better protection from water intrusion, this style is what you need. However, it protrudes more compared to the in-channel vent visor. It has a tape liner adhesive that makes installation done in a breeze. It is made with automotive-grade tape so no drilling, cutting, and tools needed for setting this up. It is designed to place over the frame of the window and custom designed to fit right in place. Just peel off the tape backing and stick the deflectors. It also provides added protection around the entire window channel because it is installed outside of the window frame.

Despite of the great benefits of this automotive accessory, there are some installation concerns about this style. Although it has no window contact and ensure scratch-free windows during installation, removing this off of your vehicle can be difficult. Stains and gunk may build-up from the leftover adhesive when you remove this vent visor. Removing the old tape involves a tough process so better clean it thoroughly to prevent potential mess onto the window frames.

Both styles have its functionality that helps in deflecting snow, dirt and water intrusion when you decided to roll your windows down. It also helps in preventing vehicle break-ins. Select a vent visor that will suit your preference or match the looks of your vehicle.



4WheelOnline carries a broad array of Truck, ATV, Jeep, and Motorcycle accessories along with everything for the outdoor enthusiast!

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4WheelOnline carries a broad array of Truck, ATV, Jeep, and Motorcycle accessories along with everything for the outdoor enthusiast!