Awesome Jeep Accessories You Need To Buy in 2021

5 min readJun 18, 2021
Jeep Accessories

To ensure that your Jeep can withstand the ruggedness of the trails, you might consider installing enhancements or accessories. They will add style and functionality to your vehicle, as well as protection in any type of road conditions. Here are some awesome Jeep accessories you have to buy this year.

Fender Flares

The grime, dirt, and other debris that you might encounter on the roads and trails will spin off the tires. These elements can cause damage to the Jeep parts, or worse, someone else’s vehicle. The fender flares are the perfect addition to your vehicle for added protection and style.

Fender flares are available in various colors and sizes and categorized into different styles:

· OE Style — Similar design with stock exterior parts, the OE style fender flares retain the Jeep’s original look. They are usually made of ABS plastic and offer the same performance and coverage as what originally came with your Jeep. This style of fender flares is the perfect replacement for those whose current flares have been badly damaged.

· Flat — This type of fender flares is a common solution when upgrading to bigger tires. It provides a greater level of clearance for the Jeep wheels and tires. It allows the factory suspension to travel freely even and provide extreme articulation.

If the trail is aggressive enough, there could be a potential of contact to the tires and fender, so other Jeep owners put a 1 to 2-inch lift. The slight increase you gain from the lift kit ensures that there’s no contact between the tires and the flat fender.

· Wide — The wider fender flares have what is called a “pocket style” that’s designed with curved indents for mounting bolts. This type offers additional coverage and support for wider wheels. This is also a solution for those who are looking to install an accessory that will give better coverage to the wheels and tires.

Some states in the US require that the fender flares of the vehicles must completely cover the wheels. Aftermarket Jeep wheel designs have a wider stance that makes the face of the wheel pass the fender line. Installing this type will help you to stay within the required law on fender flares. If you are looking for a more aggressive stance that can cover your wheels, this one is your best option.

Bushwacker is one of the popular fender flares brands in the market. Fender flares are made not only to add style to your Jeep. It is also a helpful accessory that blocks debris and dirt from being thrown into the air by your Jeep tires. They are also created to prevent the rotating tires from throwing away small road rocks, mud, as well as liquids into the air while you’re driving.

Wheels and tires

Jeep owners have a lot of options when it comes to wheels and tires. If you use your Jeep for daily driving, you can put on new street tires and retain the stock rims. But for jeepers who drive on- and off-road, it is better to choose aftermarket wheels and tires that will fit your lifestyle.

Finding the right kind of wheels and tires for your Jeep may not be as easy as you think because the wheel material, tire type, as well as size can affect your Jeep’s performance in many ways. For rims, you can go with aluminum, steel, or alloy. Different brands like Black Rhino wheels offer a long list of designs that comes in different sizes and finish.

Jeeps are great for enjoying the outdoors. So if you’re into extreme off-roading, mud tires are recommended to use than regular all-season tires. But if you use your Jeep in different road conditions and trails, it’s better to use all-terrain tires.

Jeep tops

Jeep is an automotive brand known for its customizability and this is especially true in their signature Wrangler model. If your factory Jeep top is already worn-out or damaged, it can be removed and replaced. You can choose from soft or hard Jeep tops. These two types of Jeep tops have their pros and cons, so choose the one that suits the way you drive your Jeep.

Soft tops are lightweight and great to use during the summertime because they can be easily removed for you to enjoy the summer breeze. Hardtops are more durable and created with solid materials. This type can withstand significant damage and is even made with insulation, so you can keep the chilly air out of the Jeep’s cabin.

Jeep tops are made to help prevent the interior of the Jeep from getting too hot. It provides shade and blocks off the UV rays when you usually drive your Jeep in the daytime. You may opt for one that’s weatherproof to help repel water from sudden rain. There are many options for Jeep tops. You can even find covers that are custom-fitted to your Jeep.

When choosing a soft top for your Jeep, think of it as picking out your best clothes for a hot date. There are many kinds such as full, half, bikini, and a combination of designs. Jeep top brands like Bestop offers a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Jeep grille inserts

Do you want to add some style and personality to your ride? Putting a grille or grille insert will make your vehicle stand out from the rest. Aside from its cool-looking design, a grille insert serves as a protective material that is installed behind your Jeep’s grille. Once you slid it into position, it shields the radiator of the Jeep from trail debris and even road rocks.

Grille inserts can help in improving your vehicle’s radiator longevity. It is one of the Jeep accessories that doesn’t need any complicated tools for installation. For a tough, customized look, check out RBP’s (Rolling Big Power) premium stainless steel-made grille inserts.

Floor mats

All-weather floor mats are perfect for Jeep Wranglers. Why? Because after you enjoy your time outdoors, you’ll notice the dust, mud, and dirt in your Jeep’s flooring.

Don’t worry, Jeep accessories like floor mats are affordable and very functional. Weathertech offers Jeep floor mats that are designed with deep ribs to trap dirt and hold water, mud, and even snow. One of the Jeep accessories you will surely love, this protects the carpet and keep it clean.

Get your awesome Jeep accessories today

If you’re fond of off-roading, driving on the muddy and rocky trails will expose your Jeep to many potential hazards. Jeep vehicles are indeed made to be tough in the trails. This is even applicable if you use your Jeep for daily driving on streets and highways.

It’s better to protect your vehicle from damage that you may encounter when driving it on and off-road. These Jeep accessories are great for improving the aesthetic and making it more functional and practical.




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