Awesome Truck Accessories to Help You Start the Year Right

5 min readJan 10, 2023

Depending on what you drive can say a lot about you. What you do to your vehicle can also say more. One good example is if you have a lot of mud spots on your truck. It can give an impression that you enjoy the outdoors because it does not matter if your truck isn’t gleaming. If you’re the type that likes putting trinkets and novelty truck accessories, it can also show that you’re fun and not afraid to add style to your vehicle. Here are some awesome truck accessories you can add to your ride.

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LED light bar

Gone are the days of using acetylene tanks and kerosene to light up the road ahead. It has been replaced by halogen lights which improved nighttime driving. But automotive enthusiasts found a better way to support the lighting you can get from headlights, especially when driving in dark and rough terrains.

LED light bars provide a good combination of illumination and safety. It provides better lighting so you can see the road ahead when you drive on trails during nighttime. It also lights up the area around your vehicle and can help warn others of issues on the road. Some LED light bars have three modes: flood, subversive spot, and high-density spread.

Grille guard

As the name may suggest, a Grille Guard provides protection for drivers and the truck’s front end from any accident with animals. If you’re into off-roading or planning to start getting into the activity, there’s a huge possibility that you will run into a deer on the trails.

A grill guard can prevent your vehicle from experiencing any major structural damage in the event of an accident. The damage will depend on the size of the obstacle and your speed. But this truck accessory can help keep you safe on the roads and lower the cost of truck repairs.

Tonneau covers

Tonneau covers are one of the must-buy accessories for truck owners. Besides offering the best looks to your pickup, tonneau covers offer protection against dirt and changing weather. They protect the cargo area from rain, sunlight, snow, wind, and other debris. Since most products can be locked, it can help avoid theft and ensure the security of valuable items you put on the truck bed.

A lot of pickup truck bed covers are available in the market, coming in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Make sure to get a tonneau cover that suits your needs. Some are made with lightweight fabric, while others are made with harder and more durable materials.

Tie-down straps

Also known by other terms such as ratchet straps, lashing straps, or just tie-downs. They are used as a fastener to hold down equipment or any load you put on the truck bed during transport. The tie-down straps look like webbing that is outfitted with hardware.

If you’re not planning to buy a camper shell, do invest in tie-downs and cargo nets. These are quite handy in protecting the cargo from sliding or flying out of the truck. Go for ratchet tie-down straps in case you are carrying a heavy object. It can be disastrous for other road users if you’re not using tie-downs in your truck when hauling. So, do hesitate in buying this accessory to ensure safety.

Cargo management

If you are planning to use your truck for hauling furniture, groceries, or other items, you will need a reliable accessory to keep all your supplies organized and secure. You can choose from different cargo management products such as the following:

  • Cargo nets
  • Cargo bars
  • Truck bed storage
  • Truck bed organizers
  • Toolboxes
  • Swing cases

Floor mats

Seeing streaks of mud and dirt on the exterior of your pickup truck is fine because it shows how hard it’s worked. However, it should not be the case inside the cab. Dust, mud, and moisture can ruin the factory carpet flooring of the vehicle, making it look old and worn out. Putting a set of good custom floormats can keep the carpet underneath nice and clean for date night.

Aftermarket wheels

Stock rims and tires may look plain and boring, especially if you’re into upgrading the looks of your truck. One of the easy mods that can enhance the vehicle’s looks is replacing the old wheels using aftermarket ones. You can choose from a myriad of aftermarket wheel designs and brands. One of the famous brands is Tis Wheels, whether you’re looking for street or off-road tires for pickup trucks.

Lift kit

According to a Car and Driver article, a lift kit is considered the shepherd’s pie of suspension mods. However, the axle height is still dependent on tire and wheel size. It has heavy-duty shock clamps, long-travel control arms, and trailing arms that help the towering shock absorbers do their job.

Putting a lift kit transforms the vehicle into a monster truck on street tires. But keep in mind that this is not just a simple mod as the price can go around $10,000. If you have a lift kit, putting a nerf bar or running board is recommended to ease the hassle of getting in and out of the vehicle.

Running boards

Since the driver’s seat is usually the highest door in a truck, a running board can help climb in and out without difficulty. Drivers and passengers don’t have to jump into the cab, especially those who aren’t that tall.

Running Boards helps make your pickup truck more accessible. They are a great choice if you’re looking for an upgrade to make your truck more accessible. They look good, but they are especially helpful if the truck is lifted. It is easier to get in and out of the vehicle as it features no-slip rubber on the stepping area, so you can climb into the truck without worrying about slipping.

Bed liner

The pickup truck bed is meant to haul everything from plywood, furniture, dirt, and so much more. Most truck owners don’t want the bed of the truck to be marred by dents and scratches. A bedliner helps provides a skid-resistant surface to keep the cargo from sliding around. It also defends the truck bed from damage.

There are different types of bedliner like drop-in and spray-on. Both types can shield the bed from damage, but the spray in provides better rust protection. It does not allow water, dirt, or debris to seep through. It also offers better traction if you’re standing on the surface of the truck’s bed when cleaning it out or putting things in it.

Building a better pickup truck

Some truck owners view their vehicles as workhorses, making them often rack up more miles than owners of typical SUVs or sedans. Putting truck accessories and doing some upgrades can help make your vehicle perform better and even boost its resale value. Accessories can play a role in keeping the truck more functional and performing its best.

Customizing a pickup truck has been a common thing nowadays. A wide range of products for pickups can show off your character. Personalization can be achieved by installing lift kits, replacing the old rims with new aftermarket wheels, products that can protect the vehicle, and other truck accessories to help you start the year right.




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