Best Winch for Your Vehicle

Stuck on mud or does a pal needs some pulling assistance? You’ll surely need a Winch kit to overcome these obstacles. So what are the kinds and benefits of a winch kit? First of all what is a winch?

A winch is one of the great additions you can put on your vehicle especially when you’re into off-roading and trail activities. Out of a number of Jeep parts in the market, this automotive part can be considered as one of the essential accessories you can install on your vehicle because of its functionality.

A winch provides recovery support not just for your vehicle, but to others especially when stuck on boulders or rocks. It has different types of rope, such as steel cable and synthetic rope, which can be used in different applications. The rope is spooled out and latched onto a mounting location such as trees or huge rocks for leverage when pulling a truck or vehicle out. This is also used when driving into deep muddy waters.

Before you buy a winch, you have to know a few things about it to see what suits your needs or preferences. There are various types of winches being sold in the market. There are a few options on rope used on the winch.

Types of winch

What’s the best winch you can use for your truck or SUV? It will depend on your budget or the job of the winch that you’ll need to use. You can find some brands that include mounting kits with the winch, while others require separate mounting hardware.

Bear in mind how often you’ll probably use the winch. It is an important factor when looking for a type of winch motor you will want to buy since each type has an intended purpose.

· Electrical

This is one of the common most types of winch you can find in the market. It gets power from the battery of your vehicle. You can build a separate deep-cycle battery with a split-charge system for it to be operated independently. If you have a double-battery system for an electric winch, then it will not affect the function of the engine and functions for electrical parts like lights and radio.

· Mechanical drum

This one can be used even without any gears engaged. The engine should be running to make use of this type of winch. The power comes from the power take-off on the gearbox which is run by a shaft located in the engine part of the vehicle.

· Mechanical capstan

The mechanical capstan utilizes the power of the vehicle’s engine and would only work as long as the engine is running. It will also work with any of the gears engaged but requires two persons to operate it. The power comes directly from the crankshaft through the dog clutch which is engaged into the crankshaft pulley. You can use different kinds of rope in this type of winch to minimize slip. Make sure to get a rope with a good diameter of rope to avoid any accidents.

· Hydraulic drum

This one is great for those who are looking for high-powered winch. This can run even if it is completely submerged and will work as long as the engine is running. The power comes from a hydraulic pump ran by the engine of the vehicle and the winch will be controlled by a hydro motor.

· Mechanical hand-operated

This type is manually operated. Using this is slow but it has the capacity of up to 10 tons lifting power. It uses a wire rope that is attached onto a system of clamps for easy release.

· Mechanical Portable Winch

This hand-made type of winch can run independently where it is attached. It has a drum winch that is hooked onto a chainsaw motor to provide force.

· Hybrid winch

If you’re out of budget for a branded winch, then you can build your own. Other people have a hybrid winch constructed using rummage-sale or junkyard automotive parts. It is like a do-it-yourself type of winch which is cheap but great to use for not too heavy load.

You may also find a light duty winch made with a permanent magnet motor that’s great to use for occasional winching needs; but for heavy-duty winching needs, a hydraulic winch works best. It is recommended to have a pull rating that exceeds the vehicle weight by 50 percent, so 15,000-pound winch is great for a rig that weighs around 10,000 pounds.




4WheelOnline carries a broad array of Truck, ATV, Jeep, and Motorcycle accessories along with everything for the outdoor enthusiast!

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4WheelOnline carries a broad array of Truck, ATV, Jeep, and Motorcycle accessories along with everything for the outdoor enthusiast!

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