Buyers’ Guide: Best Wheels To Buy For Off-Roading

6 min readJan 5, 2022

When going off-road, your choice of tires greatly matters to tackle rough terrain successfully. You need tires that can provide enhanced performance in terms of grip and traction on uneven surfaces. The tires should also be capable of taking beatings from different off-road obstacles. However, tires alone are insufficient to handle all of the challenges that await in off-roading. Your wheels must be up for the task of keeping your tires intact and your vehicle going.

Just like the tires, wheels are an integral component of your off-road vehicle. Many swap their stock wheels with aftermarket wheels as part of their off-road modification. It is necessary to adapt to some 4×4 changes like a new lift or a larger tire size. Sometimes they change the wheels to have an appearance upgrade into something more robust and aggressive. This upgrade is common for truck wheels as there are many choices for wheels that offer visual improvement.

The automotive market offers plenty of options for off-roading wheels, making it challenging to find the perfect wheels. One must be meticulous in choosing their wheels to prevent any alignment, handling, and braking issues and ensure confidence and peace of mind while off-roading. A buyer must carefully consider the size, material, load rating, bolt pattern, offset, and finish to select the best wheels for their vehicle. To give you an idea, here are some of the best wheels to buy for off-roading.

  1. Method Race MR301 The Standard Black Wheels

“The Standard” is a one-piece cast aluminum wheel with a 10-spoke design and a simulated bead lock. The wheel includes stainless steel bolts that can be seen around the outer lip, a push-through hub cover, and a machined METHOD text on the center cap and one of the spokes to complete the design. It comes with a matte black finish and clear coat for an elegant appearance and additional protection on off-road elements and corrosion. It is surprisingly lightweight but sturdy enough to tackle harsh off-road conditions. It is available in sizes of 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, and 20″. This Method Race wheel is an inexpensive off-road wheel option for most trucks and SUVs.

2. Dick Cepek DC-2 Black Wheels

The Dick Cepek DC-2 Black Wheel prides itself on its reinforced one-piece cast iron aluminum construction to handle a heavy load ideal for pickup trucks and show resilience in off-roading. The wheel weighs around 24.9 lbs and has a backspace of 3.6″. It is also built with maximum caliper clearance for recent truck models. The wheel features a six-spoke and five-bolt design with a mill-machined center and non-corrosive center cap. It is available in gloss black and machine face finish and includes an extra layer of U.V. clear coating for additional protection and optimized durability.

3. Mickey Thompson Side Biter II

The Mickey Thompson Side Biter is specifically engineered and designed to withstand most of the toughest off-roading challenges. The Side Biter II is an aggressive and heavy-duty performance wheel for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. It has a high-strength casting and a 7-spoke design with a black satin finish and M/T logo embossed on the center cap. Its styling comes from the tread-on-the-sidewall design of the Mickey Thompson Side Biter tire to handle aggressive rides.

4. KMC KM708 Bully

The KM708 Bully is one of the best off-road wheels KMC offers in terms of strength and style. It is a rigid aluminum wheel with an elegant satin black finish. It features a sturdy single alloy construction capable of enduring harsh off-roading conditions. It has a split-spoke design and a 5-lug pattern complete with a KMC wheel center for a more stylish off-roading wheel to elevate the overall appearance of your vehicle.

5. Black Rhino Apache Black Wheels

The Black Rhino Apache features a motorsport-inspired dual open-spoke design to attain better wheel stress distribution for off-roading. The Black Rhino wheel is known for its durable and aggressive-looking off-road wheels that are made to last in harsh road conditions. This characteristic is evident with the Apache Black wheel as it gives the impression of serious wheels for off-roading. The wheel has a concave profile for more visual depth and accentuates its angular spoke design elements and rugged lip edge. The Apache is available in 17″, 18″, and 20″ sizes.

6. American Racing AR172 Baja

Thanks to its sharp, rugged appearance and incredible durability, the American Racing AR172 Baja is a perfect upgrade for your off-roading rig. It features a one-piece cast aluminum construction that provides strength to endure obstacles and enhance performance on both on-the-street and off-road terrains. It can provide much-needed reinforcement to your tires to make it easier for your rig to conquer trails. It includes eight bullet holes design and a black satin finish that complements even the most aggressive vehicle builds. It comes in various sizes, offset, and bolt patterns.

7. XD XD820 Grenade Black Wheels

The XD wheels XD820 Grenade is one of the most stylish off-roading wheels you can find thanks to its cutting-edge design. It has a one-piece lightweight and durable cast alloy construction that ensures strength and reliability on the trail. It has an eight unique V-spoke design with either a satin black or black milled finish with red or blue clearcoat accents that give your ride an edgy and appealing look. The XD820 Grenade wheels excel at handling rough off-road environments and coming on top of off-road racing competitions.

8. Moto Metal MO970

The Moto Metal MO970 wheels can make your rig more rugged and capable of off-roading. It features a unique 8-spoke design in one-piece cast aluminum construction with a semi-gloss black finish. It highlights durability that takes pride in itself when it comes to withstanding rough off-road conditions. It is offered in many different sizes, offset, and bolt patterns to cater to most trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs.

9. Fuel D531 Hostage Matte Black Wheels

Fuel wheels D531 Hostage wheels are high-quality wheels that are proven effective in off-roading. It features a one-piece cast aluminum structure with a stylish 8-spoke design wheel complete with a matte black finish. It gives a more aggressive look to your off-roading rig while providing a rigid support to your tires. This wheel is available in various sizes to suit different vehicle and customer preferences.

10. Fuel D560 Vapor Matte Black Wheels

The Fuel D560 Vapor offers both form and function by combining durability and style to this one-piece aluminum constructed wheel. This wheel has an intimidating appeal thanks to its rugged six split-style spokes in a matte black finish. The wheel is lightweight due to its material, but it is strong enough to endure abuses from the trail. It has a 5-bolt pattern and is available in various sizes that fit most trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs.

The aftermarket still has plenty of choices for great wheels to use for off-roading. Each brand of wheels has a wide array of off-road wheels selection that caters to a driver’s specific wants and needs. This list shows the outstanding wheels brands currently offer. Choosing the right wheels and tires can significantly improve one’s off-roading experience, so it is best to look for these thoroughly and ensure that they fit not only on your vehicle but the kind of off-roading you want to do.

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