Can Aftermarket Motorcycle Exhaust Improve The Performance of Your Bike?

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Replacing the factory-installed exhaust system with a new motorcycle exhaust is one of the top modifications that most motorcycle owners do for their rides. Most riders upgrade the exhaust system to start the customization of their sweet ride.

When it comes to upgrading the motorcycle, first-time owners are never sure whether to upgrade for more power, improved appearance, better efficiency on the road, or just for better acoustics. Those who love their motorcycle will reach a point wherein they’re going to consider upgrading the motorcycle accessories and parts. There are different reasons why you must replace your factory exhaust. Let’s find out if it can truly improve your bike’s performance.

Replacing the old stock exhaust

Owning a motorcycle comes with a stock exhaust in it. You may be wondering why would someone remove a stock exhaust system that’s running fine. Well, stock exhausts do the job of giving broad and useful power to your bike. However, there is some room to improve its performance.

Motorcycle manufacturers usually put parts that are only good enough to give sufficient but not-so-impressive power. Manufacturers use an easy-to-manufacture exhaust design to fulfill a specific purpose. Those stock exhausts may not be the best ones that provide the exceptional power the motorcycle deserves. Factory-installed exhausts do not move air as efficiently as they should and they may hinder the bike to perform at its best.

One of the disadvantages of stock exhausts are they’re heavily compromised due to the European and US noise and emissions regulations. The manufacturers are constricted by the regulations they have to meet. Since manufacturers have a broad base of customers who have different plans with their bikes, they can only put low-cost exhausts that give an average performance.

It is up to their customer if they want to upgrade to bigger, better, or grander aftermarket parts such as the motorcycle exhaust. The great thing about aftermarket parts is that you have a wide variety of brands to choose from. You can also check the specs of the aftermarket motorcycle parts to see if it’s best suited for your bike.

Performance boost

When it comes to power, acceleration becomes one of the key factors that influence speed. Having to feel the outstanding power of your motorcycle at higher speeds is like a dream to a rider.

There are two ways in which an aftermarket exhaust can increase the performance of your motorcycle. Firstly, replacing the factory exhaust system will shed the weight that may hamper the performance of your bike.

The aftermarket motorcycle exhausts are usually lighter in weight. Some are made with thin, lightweight metals in their systems. Replacing the factory exhaust with a slimmed-down system can take out nearly 20 pounds off your bike. When it comes to handling, the weight that has been dropped can help in increasing the horsepower.

The second benefit is what most motorcycle owners want for their ride-power. Both torque and horsepower can be improved when you replace the stock parts with a new motorcycle exhaust. It brings a different level of enthusiasm and excitement for bikers when their vehicle have increased power and engine performance.

You can’t really experience an outstanding performance from your bike if it is only equipped with a factory-installed system. You have to bear in mind that whatever happens in the pipes of your motorcycle comes after the engine cycle.

A new motorcycle exhaust expels the exhaust gases more efficiently. It also ensures that the engine breathes better. By installing an aftermarket exhaust, you will get to enjoy improved performance on your bike. You’ll notice that it increases the motorcycle horsepower and even provides impressive performance at higher speeds.

Changing the stock exhaust will change how your engine breathes. If it can breathe more air through the engine, then the fuel intake is increased accordingly for more combustion. Bigger explosions make more power for your bike. Putting a well-designed exhaust can significantly improve the mileage of the bike. This will also allow you to enhance the peak engine horsepower of the bike. With a full exhaust system and the corresponding fuel adjustment, you can achieve significant top-end power gains.

Type of exhaust

The type of exhaust depends on the type of riding you do. It has a different type of exhaust if the motorcycle is often used for camping and off-road situations, compared to the exhaust used in tearing up the track.

Normally, an exhaust system includes the pipes only. In case, you may need to buy new gaskets re-use the old ones if it’s still working.

Sound and style

Some enthusiasts love the loud sound produced by their motorcycle exhaust. Stock exhausts have a generic sound that a few people find boring. If you want a better-looking and sounding exhaust, customizing your bike with aftermarket products is recommended.

A lot of riders like the aggressive-sounding bikes with conventional pipes that cause a lot of noise. The noise produced by aftermarket exhaust varies depending on the riding conditions. However, the exhaust products are not street legal, as they are designed for off-roading or closed course, competition use.

The factory exhaust system on your bike is made to reduce the noise as much as possible and designed for lower emissions. If your original one is broken or worn out, you can replace the stock exhaust with aftermarket OE-style exhausts. It’s similar to the pipe system in your bike.

Aftermarket exhaust systems come in different styles and sizes but it’s not a cheap mod. Expect that you have to shell out a few hundred bucks, especially if you chose a full system overhaul to replace the old stock parts. But don’t fret since it adds value and improves the performance of your ride. It also adds style, giving a more aggressive and hardcore look.

Exhaust upgrade

When choosing an aftermarket exhaust, check if the specs are suitable for your bike. Exhaust for a four-stroke engine differs from a two-stroke street machine or a dirt bike. Also, check if it’s recommended to use on the highway, race track, or off-road. Before going for the loudest exhaust, make sure that the noise levels passed what is recommended by your state.

Exhaust brands such as Two Brothers Racing and Yoshimura, are not restrained by the rules that manufacturers have to follow for the exhausts they put in their products. Here at 4WheelOnline, you can find the best exhaust for your motorcycle. Check out the wide list of top-quality parts and motorcycle accessories.

A reliable exhaust will have a great effect on the sound, look, and most especially, the performance of your bike.

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