Drop Tail Trailers And It’s Importance

Whether you have a motorbike, ATV, UTV, and other equipment, you don’t have to worry about moving that stuff from different locations. The design of the drop tail trailers provides an ease and safe way to transport your gears.

Accessories for Drop Tail Trailer

Drop tail trailer can be attached with a wide variety of products and other accessories to improve its functionality. Below is additional information about other add-ons you can use for your vehicles.

· Motorcycle dollies

This is a must-have for motorcycle owners who’s planning to buy drop tail trailers. The dolly serves as a helpful tool to lift the bike. The dolly has an on and off feature that makes it easy to raise and lower the bike onto the trailer so you don’t have to worry about managing the bike onto the trailer.

· Assist rail kit

This assist rail kit has an adjustable gap that can be used in various types of trailers. This is another add-on you can purchase to make sure the load will hold in place even during a bumpy ride. It also provides an easier loading and unloading.

· Tie downs

The drop tail assist rail kit works well with drop tail tie downs to ensure that the bike will not slide off. There are also brackets or loops which are used to secure the load and keep it steady. It is connected on the inner section of your truck.

This accessory is one of the essential parts of the trailer to ensure that the suspension of the bike will not be damaged during transport. To match the looks of your vehicle and ensure its quality, it is made with a powder coat finish.

· Trailer jacks

This another drop tail trailer accessory is used to detach the trailer easily from the towing vehicle and it will quickly release the load. It also and provides leveled storage. The tongue jacks are available in different heights and range from ten inches up to a maximum length of 24 inches. The heights enable the trailer jacks to accommodate different models. The trailer jacks are constructed with a footplate design and zinc coated polish to ensure durability.

· Bags and pouches

You can add more storage space to your drop tail trailer by adding bags and pouches. You can store your tools and other hardware on these accessories during transport.

· Bungee straps/cords

This accessory is used for securing and added support for luggage and equipment to your machine.

· Chocks

For added security and support to the wheel, chocks are designed to firmly hold the tire even with different sizes.

The drop tail trailers and accessories you’re planning to buy should have the capacity to hold the cargo, may it be an ATV, UTV or motorcycle. Choose a trailer that is constructed using the highest quality of manufacturing to guarantee its durability and functionality, and can endure the even rough and bumpy rides.




4WheelOnline carries a broad array of Truck, ATV, Jeep, and Motorcycle accessories along with everything for the outdoor enthusiast! www.4WheelOnline.com

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4WheelOnline carries a broad array of Truck, ATV, Jeep, and Motorcycle accessories along with everything for the outdoor enthusiast! www.4WheelOnline.com

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