For 2022 Easter Safari, Jeep Teases Military Style Wrangler 4xe

5 min readApr 7, 2022

Going on a safari is one of the things you can do to enjoy the outdoors. But if you are not into long plane rides or roughing in the wild, don’t you worry. The upcoming Easter Safari will showcase something exciting. Jeep has been teasing us with a new Wrangler hybrid concept that will turn heads.

If you are looking for an adventure this Easter, the Jeep Wrangler is undoubtedly worth checking out. It might just be the perfect way to start your summer off right.

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20th anniversary Jeep concept

Jeep teases the fans for their anniversary with a hybrid SUV designed to be more capable off-road. The automaker has posted an update on its official Facebook page. They will celebrate twenty years of Rubicon capability and unwrapping their Wrangler concept on Easter Jeep Safari 2022.

Since Jeep loves a good trip down memory lane, their design team has worked on creating an off-roader that pays homage to the past. Its design blends military grit and strength fused with the modern 4xe electric vehicle technology.

It has an “RU31-CON/4XE” lettering along the sides of the hood seems to be a stylized spelling Rubicon. The lettering on the hood’s side gives the vehicle a militaristic look.

The Wrangler 4xe’s new concept wears an olive drab paint up to the fenders to make it look like a military-inspired Jeep. Ahead of the front door, you will see an American flag. The nifty vintage-style alloy wheels are paired with chunky tread tires, which allows you to drive even on rough trails.

But is a hybrid Jeep worth it?

Unlike noisy fuel engines, hybrid vehicles like the Wrangler 4xe are quieter. When you drive an electric-powered vehicle, it allows you to take in the natural sights and sounds. Its PHEV technology gives a boost in traction and torque. It has different E-Selec driving modes to optimize the Jeep’s performance on every ride.

In just 6 seconds, the electrifying zero to 60 mph lets you climb over challenging obstacles. If you simply want to get around town or go on an off-road adventure to new places, the all-electric power of the Wrangler 4xe will not fail you. The 4xe gives a heart-pounding performance both on and off-road.

The hybrid version has the capabilities of gas-only Wrangler with electric power innovation. The 4xe is Jeep’s industry-first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) with removable Jeep parts called the Open-Air Freedom. Aside from the windshield and doors, other Jeep accessories are removable such as the rear window, quarter panels, and (soft or hard) top.

Driving modes and other features

You can optimize the Wrangler 4xe’s performance while eliminating range anxiety when choosing from the E-Selec driving modes to utilize Power Routing.

  • Hybrid mode: This is the default mode of the Wrangler 4xe, which consumes the electric power first. It combines the electric motor and torque from the turbocharged engine, which delivers maximum horsepower and exceptional acceleration.
  • Electric Mode: When the battery has more than one percent charge, the Jeep will turn the electric mode. With this mode, the Jeep can run up to 21 miles with nearly zero tailpipe emissions up to highway speeds. It is recommended to use for daily driving since it’s cleaner cheaper to go electric.
  • eSave mode: It prioritizes the 2.0-liter engine and allows you to select the fuel option. This mode can help save the battery’s charge for later use. The motor shuts off when the power demand is low, but you can also reconfigure it to increase the battery charge. Most owners in the 4xe forum say they do not use the eSave mode, even when driving long distances. Some say they might only run this mode for the last part of their long-hour drive.

Among the electric-centric features of PHEV Wrangler is regenerative braking. As the driver presses the brake pedal to slow down or stop the vehicle, the battery can be charged when braking and decelerating. It also integrates both conventional friction brakes with a full amount of regeneration braking.

The Max Regeneration feature of the 4xe remaps the accelerator pedal to control more aggressive regen at low pedal positions. However, it remains selected until you turn it off. It allows you to slow down the SUV without the brake pedal. But do take note that it requires the brake pedal to achieve a complete stop.

Electric power over fuel

Using a hybrid can be beneficial because of the uncertainty of fuel prices. Gasoline prices are high because of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. Hybrid vehicles are fuel-efficient, so filling up the gas tank would not hurt your budget. The Wrangler 4xe has an EPA-estimated 49 miles-per-gallon-equivalent (MPGe) rating. Green Car Journal even named the Jeep Wrangler 4xe the 2021 Green SUV of the Year.

The difference between a hybrid and a conventional fuel-powered Wrangler drivetrain is the addition of a unique electric motor. The plug-in hybrid turbocharged inline-four 2.0-liter engine creates an astonishing 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of instant torque. Also, the 4xe’s 17.3-kilowatt-per-hour lithium-ion battery pack can power up the vehicle in full electric mode for 25 miles on a single charge.

When it comes to recharging, it can be fully charged in approximately 12 hours using a Level I charger (120V) or 2 hours with a Level II charger (240V). You can enjoy the benefits of electric driving, especially if you don’t want to fill up the tank regularly. Many charging stations are available, so charging up a hybrid vehicle at home, work, or other places is not difficult.

Are hybrids good for off-roading?

The gas-running Jeep Wrangler is already a rugged vehicle, but this one looks even more ready to take on anything. It’s got a beefed-up suspension and big tires that will make it easy to tackle any terrain.

It would not be branded as a Wrangler if it was not off-road capable, right? Don’t worry about getting stranded on the unbeaten paths when you run out of juice. Even if the Wrangler 4xe is low in power or needs charging when off-roading, you can still drive it using the gas engine.

Moreover, Jeep has built charging stations for off-road trailheads. The program, Electrify America, is run by Volkswagen of America to administer the charging stations. 4xe owners can use the charging stations for free. Some of their existing charging networks are located in famous off-roading locations such as Big Bear and the Rubicon Trail in Pollock Pines (both in California) and Moab in Utah.

The Jeep Wrangler 4xe is the perfect vehicle for those who want the best of both worlds. With a hybrid drivetrain, you’re able to save money on gas and help reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. What’s not to love? You can also enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about your battery running out of power.

The Easter Jeep Safari starts on April 9. Jeep also released previous teasers showing a Gladiator with a bunch of Jeep accessories and performance parts and a Grand Cherokee 4xe.




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