Get A More Rugged Appearance With These 20-inch Aftermarket Jeep Wheels

6 min readJan 5, 2024


If you’re a Jeep owner looking to take your vehicle’s style and performance to the next level, aftermarket wheels are a fantastic option. Specifically, 20-inch custom wheels offer a perfect blend of rugged appearance and enhanced performance. Upgrading your vehicle’s wheels can transform its overall look and improve its handling and capabilities on various terrains.

Let’s explore the benefits of aftermarket Jeep wheels and how they can enhance your beloved vehicle’s style and performance. Whether you’re an off-road enthusiast or want to make a statement on the streets, these wheel upgrades will turn heads wherever you go.

Why Choose 20-inch Aftermarket Wheels for Your Jeep?

One advantage of opting for 20-inch wheels is improved ground clearance. The larger diameter allows more space between the ground and your vehicle’s undercarriage. It can be particularly beneficial when driving off-road or navigating uneven terrain. With increased ground clearance, you can confidently take on challenging trails without worrying about scraping or damaging your undercarriage.

In addition to off-road performance, these wheels offer better handling and stability on paved roads. The larger diameter allows for a wider tire profile, increasing the contact patch with the road surface. It means improved cornering ability and enhanced stability at higher speeds. Moreover, 20-inch aftermarket wheels come in various designs and finishes to suit your style preferences. Whether you prefer a rugged look or a sleeker appearance, there are options available that can complement the overall aesthetics of your Jeep.

Finding the Right 20-inch Aftermarket Wheels for Your Jeep

One crucial aspect is choosing the right aftermarket wheels that fit your Jeep. This involves considering factors such as bolt pattern and offset. Bolt pattern refers to the number of bolts on the wheel and their spacing, while offset determines how far the wheel will sit from its mounting surface. Ensuring compatibility with your Jeep’s specifications is essential for a proper fit.

Another consideration when selecting aftermarket wheels is the material and finish options available. Common materials include aluminum alloy and steel, each offering different advantages in strength and weight. Additionally, various finishes such as chrome, matte black, or painted options allow you to customize the look of your Jeep.

Weight considerations also play a significant role in choosing aftermarket wheels for your Jeep. Lighter wheels can improve acceleration, fuel efficiency, and overall handling performance. However, balancing weight reduction and durability is essential to ensure long-lasting performance.

The Top 5 Brands for 20-inch Aftermarket Jeep Wheels

When upgrading your Jeep’s wheels, choosing the right brand is crucial. The market is flooded with options, but not all brands offer the same level of quality and durability.

Fuel Wheels — D576 Assault Wheels

Fuel Wheels is a well-known brand in the automotive industry that specializes in manufacturing high-quality aftermarket wheels for various vehicles. One of their popular wheel models is the D576 Assault Wheels. These off-road wheels are designed to provide style and functionality for enthusiasts who enjoy taking their vehicles off the beaten path.

The D576 Assault Wheels feature an aggressive design that instantly enhances the appearance of any truck or SUV. Their bold and rugged aesthetic makes a statement on and off the road. The intricate details and unique patterns add a touch of personality to your vehicle’s overall look.

Touren Wheels — TR60

Touren Wheels offers a wide range of high-quality alloy wheels for automotive enthusiasts. One of their popular models is the TR60. Designed for performance and style, the TR60 stands out with its sleek design and superior craftsmanship.

These alloy wheels are meticulously engineered to enhance the overall performance of vehicles. They are lightweight yet durable, allowing for improved handling and responsiveness on the road. The TR60’s unique spoke pattern adds an aesthetic touch and helps with brake cooling.

Mayhem Wheels — Chaos 8030

The Chaos 8030 features a robust construction that can withstand the rigors of off-roading adventures. These wheels are crafted from high-quality materials and engineered to endure the harshest conditions while maintaining strength and integrity. With its unique design elements and attention to detail, the Chaos 8030 stands out. Its bold spokes and intricate patterns add style to your vehicle while enhancing its overall aesthetics.

Helo Wheels — HE890

The HE890 wheel from Helo combines performance and aesthetics to enhance any vehicle’s overall look and feel. Made from durable alloy material, these wheels are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday driving while adding a touch of sophistication to your ride. These alloy wheels improve performance and give your vehicle an eye-catching appearance. With various finishes available, such as gloss black or chrome, you can choose the one that best complements your vehicle’s style.

Moto Metal Wheels — MO970

Moto Metal Wheels is a renowned aftermarket wheels industry brand known for its exceptional quality and unique designs. One of their popular models is the Moto Metal MO970. These wheels are designed for off-road enthusiasts who crave style and performance.

The MO970 wheels boast a rugged and aggressive look, making them perfect for trucks and SUVs that tackle rough terrains. Their bold design features include deep concave spokes, intricate detailing, and a durable finish that can withstand the elements. Constructed with high-quality materials, Moto Metal Wheels ensures their products are built to last. They undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest durability and performance standards.

Installation Tips: Properly Installing Your New 20-inch Aftermarket Jeep Wheels

Before starting the installation process, gathering all the necessary tools and equipment is essential. It typically includes a lug wrench, torque wrench, jack stands, and a hydraulic jack. Additionally, having access to the vehicle’s owner’s manual or specifications for torque settings is highly recommended.

To begin the installation process, securely lift your Jeep using a hydraulic jack and place jack stands at appropriate points for stability to start the installation process. This step ensures safety during the installation process. Next, carefully remove the existing wheels by loosening each lug nut counterclockwise using a lug wrench. Once all lug nuts are loosened, safely remove them with the old wheel.

Before mounting your new 20-inch aftermarket Jeep wheels onto the vehicle, verifying that they match your vehicle’s size and bolt pattern specifications is crucial. Ensure that the wheel and tire are appropriate for your specific Jeep model. When mounting the new wheel onto your vehicle’s hub, align it properly with the hub studs while being mindful of any centering rings or spacers required for proper fitment. Once aligned correctly, gently push the wheel onto the hub until it sits flush against it.

Now comes an essential step in ensuring proper installation — tightening of lug nuts. It is crucial to tighten them adequately and uniformly across all lug nuts. Start by hand-tightening each lug nut until they are snug against the wheel. Then, use a torque wrench set at the recommended specifications provided by either your vehicle manufacturer or wheel manufacturer to tighten each nut further in a star pattern sequence.

Following this star pattern ensures equal torque distribution across all lug nuts, which helps prevent uneven stress on the wheel and promotes better alignment. Over-tightening or under-tightening can lead to wheel misalignment, vibrations, or potential safety hazards. Double-check the torque wrench’s tightness once all lug nuts are properly torqued. This step is crucial to ensure they are tightened to the recommended specifications.

Upgrading your Jeep’s style with high-quality 20-inch aftermarket wheels is a surefire way to make a bold statement on the road. With a wide range of available options, you can choose from various designs and finishes to suit your taste and preferences. Investing in aftermarket wheels will elevate your Jeep’s style to new heights, whether you want to add ruggedness or exude elegance.

So don’t hesitate to take your ride to the next level and enjoy the enhanced look and feel these high-quality 20-inch wheels bring to your beloved Jeep.




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