Holiday Gift Ideas For Pickup Truck Owners

5 min readDec 22, 2022


Christmas is just around the corner. In just a few days, we will all be exchanging gifts with friends and family. Since it is the season of giving, do you know what presents to give?

For your loved ones who are fond of pickup trucks, here are some gift ideas you could give to them. You can do last-minute shopping online for truck accessories if you still haven’t purchased anything for them.

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Nerf bars

Not all people are tall enough to step in and out of the truck. For lifted pickups, putting nerf bars provide designated step pads for passengers and drivers. Climbing in and out of the cab is hassle-free because it has traction pads that offer support for your footing. Moreover, nerf bars are different from running boards. It is recommended for pickup trucks with lift kits than using a running board. Since running boards are flat, the bottom part may get damaged by rocks, branches, and other debris.

Steering wheel cover

It is an affordable yet functional truck accessory that can protect the steering wheel from damaged. It keeps the steering wheel clean and free from dirt, dust, and moisture. It can also prevent scratches from ruining the factory material used in the steering wheel.

All-weather floor mats

A friend or family member will appreciate that you give something to keep their beloved vehicle clean. All-weather floor mats are heavy-duty compared to carpeted or cheap plastic mats. This type of floor mat does an excellent job of protecting the truck’s floor from dirt. They are made of rubber so the floor mats are durable and help protect from water, mud, debris, and snow. All-weather floor mats are available in a range of colors. You can buy them from $50 to more than $150, such as WeatherTech.

Tire chains

Tire chains are another gift idea as they can be a lifesaver in mud and snow. You can choose from different types but you have to get the right tire size to ensure that it will fit perfectly. There are different types you need to know before purchasing the tire chains as a gift:

  • Mud: The traditional round links have a ladder style that works great for muddy settings. The style of chains offers a good job of clearing the muck that is stuck to the moving vehicle.
  • Snow: For icy or snowy settings, the recommended tire chains should have square links in a diamond pattern. The square links give a sharp biting edge. Compared to the ladder style in other tire chains, the diamond pattern provides contact with the ground for a longer time.

Truck cab organizer

Another functional but not glamorous gift for truck lovers is the truck cab organizer. It is something useful, especially for those who need to sort the stuff on their truck bed. This type of truck accessory stretches across the back of the cab to hold everything from tools, sanitizers, or other small items. You can choose from truck toolbox types made of metal or storage boxes made of plastic materials.

Tire and wheel

Tires need replacement, especially if signs of wear and tear are present. Aftermarket wheels are a way to update the looks of the vehicle. However, both these truck parts have a hefty price tag. It is pretty expensive to tire and wheel packages, but the one who will receive the gift will surely feel special.


Recovery straps are often confused with tow straps, but they are two different things. Both straps are available in different sizes and weight ratings. For pickup trucks, there are various straps available for different purposes, such as the following:

  • Tow straps: It is used for flat towing a stalled vehicle during an emergency. made for towing freely-moving transport vehicles behind another vehicle. The tow straps have end-metal hooks. When subjected to recovery-related pressure, tow straps should not be used for salvaging stuck vehicles because could break easily.
  • Recovery straps: It is used for pulling a stuck vehicle out of the sand, mud, or snow. They are more elastic than tow straps, as they can stretch more than 30 percent of the initial length.

Tonneau covers

Brand-new trucks are typically open and remain uncovered unless the owner will install an automotive accessory like a tonneau cover. It keeps dust, rain, snow, and other debris out of the truck bed. Tonneau covers are beneficial even if the pickup is parked indoors, and can also protect the truck when out and about in parking lots. There’s a wide range of tonneau cover brands and styles to choose from, but before investing in this gift idea, you must ensure that the product’s dimensions will match perfectly with the bed length.

Headache racks

Pickup trucks are normally used for cargo hauling. There are various styles of headache racks to choose from and give as a nice gift for truck owners who tends to haul a few loads. Headache racks can help secure the heavy or oversized items you place in the bed, especially if you have straps. The headache rack can prevent the cargo from shifting or moving when transporting furniture and other oversized loads.

Seat covers

If you have pets or children that usually ride along, the seat covers are beneficial to keep the seats looking new. Due to wear and tear, the factory upholstery of the truck’s seats can get damaged. Aside from protection against dust, moisture, and dirt, the covers act as an additional insulation layer. They can also give your vehicle a dash of style instead of the old monotonous interior.

Truck bed tent

The perfect gift for loved ones who like camping and going on a trip outdoors with their pickup truck. A tent designed to be set up in the pickup’s bed and turn into a portable campground. Instead of putting a tent on the ground where soil and dust can get inside the tent, this accessory allows anyone to create a shelter on the bed of the truck. To have the best experience, just make sure that the tent’s dimensions are specifically designed to fit onto the truck bed.

Mud flaps

Mud flaps bring some swag to the vehicle. But aside from the added boost in appearance, it provides some benefits, such as preventing rust on the truck’s underbody. The potential for damage is there, especially on the underbody since the pickup truck goes through rough terrains. Moreover, trucks used for hauling are usually high off the ground, but mud flaps can help prevent water damage. Mud flaps help prevent mud and water from splashing on the undercarriage.

For the season of giving

Pickup truck owners love to help, whether that’s pulling a friend’s truck out of the mud or moving a neighbor’s furniture. With Christmas around the corner, these gift ideas can pay back the pickup truck lover on your list for the times they have done to help others. No matter what kind of pickup truck your giftee drives, you can select the perfect gift idea for them.




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