Is A Tesla Truck Lifted For Off-Roading A Game-Changer?

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The Tesla Cybertruck left a strong impact on the automotive industry after its initial reveal last November 2019. Both car enthusiasts and technology fans were surprised by the presentation of the first version of the all-electric pickup truck.

The reveal was met with a polarizing impression thanks to its bizarre design that looks significantly different from the traditional pickup trucks that we know. The minimalist polygonal electric pickup truck looks like something that has come right out of a video game. It instantly became one of the most talked-about cars at that time.

The early features and specifications were overshadowed by its peculiar design. However, they were met with positive reactions. Many still find it hard to believe that an actual Cybertruck was showcased to the public.

Since then, the world is waiting in anticipation to hear more details about this Tesla Cybertruck. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, explained on Twitter that they are working on a suspension for the Cybertruck. This new equipment enables it to survive Baja 1000, an extreme off-road event that will push it to the limits. This caused a lot of buzz online, especially in the automotive community. They’re excited about the potential of electric vehicles in the future of off-roading. This begs the question, is a Tesla truck lifted for off-roading potentially a game-changer?

Things have changed between now and the vehicle’s initial release. Pre-production news and information have been popping up online from time to time. As the Cybertruck gets closer to the day of its mass production, improvements have been made and new patents have been filed. It is still very much a work-in-progress.

The vehicle made a few appearances as a work truck, showing off its numerous features and capabilities at the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory in Texas. The Tesla Cybertruck became known to accelerate like a Lamborghini and tow like a Freightliner.

For starters, the Cybertruck is a unibody vehicle instead of a body-on-frame type which makes it technically built around a “metal cage” that protects its batteries as well as its passengers. Due to the unibody design, they need to utilize an element that enables it to tow with higher capacity in the form of a sail pillar.

The sail pillar and some vertical supports, that gave the Tesla Cybertruck its unconventional vector look, help the truck tow from 7,500lbs up to a maximum of 14,000lbs when properly equipped. It also comes with a pretty robust payload of 3,500lbs. There’s no doubt that it was built to work hard and overcome tough challenges.

Every Cybertruck, even the base model, will come with a standard adaptive air suspension that allows it to lift up to 16 inches of ground clearance. This exceeds the Ford F-150 Raptor’s 11.5 inches ground clearance even with a suspension lift kit installed. The good thing about this is you get a true 16 inches of ground clearance once lifted because of the completely flat surface underneath. It also allows drivers to deal with tough off-road obstacles.

The approach angle is 35-degrees which allows it to climb up steep hills while off-roading. The departure angle is 28-degrees giving it additional clearance in the rear. These angles were much higher than other pickup trucks in comparison. Currently, there is no information in regards to the break-over angle because the wheelbase of the truck is not yet announced by Tesla. The overall length and width of the Tesla truck are identical to the Ford F-150 trucks with a length of 231.7 inches and width of 79.8 inches.

Forgiato recently released a render of a lifted white Cybertruck with their set of black Forgiato wheels and off-road tires. Massive off-road springs and shocks can also be seen making it look like a monster truck due to the high suspension. The whole setup is interesting, but off-road enthusiasts will have to wait longer to know if they could modify one or install their coveted black Moto Metal wheels the usual way.

There are three versions of the Tesla Cybertruck. The base version is a single electric motor rear-wheel drive that can accelerate 60mph at around 6.5 seconds with a range of 250+ miles. The rear-wheel steering allows the truck to make tight bends and navigate through challenging terrain with ease. This makes it very convenient for people who particularly like to take their pickups on trips and intense activities. This base version will cost around $39,900.

The mid-range version is a dual electric motor all-wheel-drive that can propel the truck 60mph in 4.5 seconds with a range of 300+ miles. This mid-range truck will cost around $49,900. The all-wheel steering combined with the air suspension and right wheels and tires may uphold the vehicle against its competition since it’s highly agile, stable, and easy to control.

The top-end version has a tri electric motor all-wheel-drive with an estimated output of 800hp and a 1000 lb-ft of torque capable of accelerating the truck to 60mph in 2.9 seconds with over 500 miles of torque range. This tri-motor truck will cost up to $70,000.

These Tesla trucks outperform most competitor’s trucks due to the powerful drivetrain and low center of gravity, which provides exceptional traction control and torque that enables the aforementioned acceleration and range. These new levels of strength and speed were made possible by their all-electric design.

Another thing that both trucks and off-road enthusiasts look forward to is the “Off-Road Mode” featured in the user interface of the truck. It is highly speculated that this mode will use AI technology to help the vehicle make real-time adjustments to any road obstacles to ensure a consistent and comfortable ride.

With the help of the state-of-the-art computer, the truck will adapt to the road by changing the way it maneuvers to make sure that you drive safely over any terrain. The real-time feedback allows the driver to make decisions based on the given UI data. The addition of this Off-road mode and other functions that are still under wraps make the Tesla Cybertruck a contender as the ultimate off-road vehicle.

A surprising detail about the Tesla Cybertruck claimed by Elon Musk is that it is capable of floating. A Tesla works as a boat for a short period since electric cars have no air intake or exhaust for water to go in. The battery, motor, and other electronics are also water-sealed. The statement was made in connection with the Tesla Model S and Model X when they presented a demo that both models can float.

In addition, the indestructible armored glass is now permanently ingrained in the truck. The truck suffered a mishap when the armored glass was shattered by a sledgehammer and a steel ball during a failed demo last 2019.

The armored glass now consists of three layers. The outer layer is made of 2mm to 5mm thick borosilicate which is more resistant to thermal shock than standard glass. The internal layer is 0.5mm to 1.1mm thick and made of chemically strengthened aluminosilicate. And then, the adhesive layer with the energy absorbent property combines the other two layers. This reinforced armored glass allows the vehicle to handle unexpected outside forces while traversing harsh terrains.

The Tesla Cybertruck has a retractable solar-powered tonneau cover that rolls up into a storage compartment below the rear seats. This automated garage door style tonneau cover is comprised of solar electric cells that are electrically connected to a photovoltaic charging system and battery. The whole cover is made of hundreds of very thin metal slats hinged together for strength and durability. This makes it strong enough to support the weight of a person. It’s a very convenient truck bed protection that completely gets out of the way when you don’t want it.

Lastly, the Vault is a 6.5ft long clean rectangular truck bed that doesn’t suffer intrusion from the wheel wells. It includes rivets and mounting points for easy modification for whatever purpose you need. It has a built-in air compressor as well as 120 and 220 volts charging outlets. The tailgate opens to slide-out heavy-duty loading ramps to wheel things easily onto the bed. The bed is usually covered by the tonneau cover which is said to improve aerodynamic efficiency when driving.

First deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck are expected in late 2021. There is plenty of information that we still need to wait for. Although, the presented features and specifications of the Cybertruck are enough to make it a catalyst in changing the way drivers enjoy off-roading.

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