Is Audi’s Luxury Electric SUV Better Than Tesla Cybertruck?

5 min readMar 13, 2023

Some people like multi-functional things. Aside from the out-of-the-ordinary design, it can do different things in just one piece. Audi may have this idea in mind when it has created a sleek new concept car. The vehicle is not just a regular car as it turns into something else.

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Audi’s sphere series

Audi’s logo consists of four rings. The rings in the German automaker’s logo represent each sphere concept, such as the luxury sedan Grandsphere, the convertible Skysphere, and the MPV Urbansphere. Last but not least is the Activesphere — the fourth and final model. The sphere series aims to guide the design process in the future.

Unlike vehicles with combustion engines, the Activeshphere EV rides without harmful emissions. It has a range of more than 370 miles and is made with fast charging capability, thanks to its 800-volt technology.

The Activesphere is not just a design experiment. It lies upon a modular electric drive platform that the German automaker is developing in collaboration with its sister company, Porsche. The partnership will have effects on future production vehicles. The platform of the Activesphere is called the Premium Platform Electric (PPE). The platform will brace up a future Audi performance vehicle that is planned to be released later in 2023.


AutoWeek, a Detroit-based car culture publication, posted a tweet about Activesphere. The publication mentioned that if the concept car ever reaches production, it will be one of the more bizarre yet capable road-going electric vehicles.

The new concept car uses augmented reality glasses. It indicates the potential future technologies not only for Audi but for the Volkswagen luxury brand. The company has recently adopted the technology to elevate the driving experience using virtual and in-car augmented reality (VR and AR) features.

In a press release, Oliver Hoffmann, a member of the board of Management for Technical Development, said that the sphere concept vehicles of Audi show their vision for the premium mobility of the future. Hoffman highlights that they are experiencing a paradigm shift, especially in the design of the car’s interior of our future Audi models.

Luxury car-convertible-pickup

Transformers can turn cars into robots but Audi makes it more interesting with its new concept car. It looks like a luxury sports car but with convertible features, as well as some characteristics of a pickup truck.

The Activesphere is an electric luxury sports car, but it has a Sportback rear that can turn into an open cargo bed. Since it has “active” in its name, Audi has designed the car for people who enjoy city life and the countryside.

Audi’s concept vehicle transforms into a pickup truck, making it ideal for those who don’t want to stick with just a sports car. The truck accessories may not be apparent at first look. However, the Activesphere concept is an autonomous electric car designed with rugged features to withstand off-roading conditions. An ideal vehicle for those who usually drive around town, and want to continue the journey to enjoy the landscapes and the outdoors on the weekend.


Audi unveiled the Activesphere as the final model in its series of sphere concepts. It is an electric vehicle designed with a unique spherical shape, as it is intended to optimize the interior space and show a futuristic design.

  • Dashboard: The Activesphere is equipped with a digital dashboard, a high-tech lighting system that adjusts to the driver’s needs, and most importantly — autonomous driving technology.
  • Compartment: The usual things we see in a pickup truck like the rear bed that’s paired with tonneau covers, and others may not be present. However, it can carry items like sports gear, recreational equipment, camping stuff, and others.
  • Wheels and tires: The 285/55 tires are voluminous enough for different types of terrain. The wheels have movable segments, especially when used off-road. They close on-road for aerodynamics and open as you drive off-road for optimal ventilation. The wheel arches aren’t the common design you see in other EVs because Audi wants to show off the electronically controlled all-wheel drive. They are designed that way for aerodynamics and the center of gravity when driving fast. If you view from the side and rear, the wheel wells are noticeably horizontal. The car’s approach angle relevant is 18.9 degrees, while the departure angle is 28.1 degrees — both are beneficial for off-road drives.
  • Ground clearance: The car is ideal for off-road use because of its flexible ground clearance. It can be adjusted by 40 millimeters from the 208 millimeters basic height to complement off-road driving. When cruising the streets or the city, you may lower the settings by the same amount.
  • Design: Hard edges aren’t present in the Activesphere concept since it is designed with smooth transitions between convex and concave surfaces throughout the car’s body. The camera mirrors on the two front doors provide both function and style. Aside from adding sophistication to the car’s looks, they are designed specifically to minimize drag.
  • Exterior: Glass surfaces can be seen throughout the vehicle’s body. Audi’s popular Singleframe (usually where the logo is mounted) is made transparent to give passengers an unobstructed view of the road through the large frunk. Glass surfaces can also be seen on the side in the lower door area. It softens the boundary between the interior and the view outside. The roof is also transparent to allow plenty of daylight into the interior.

Is it better than Cybertruck?

It has been a long time waiting for Tesla to release its Cybertruck. The vehicle was introduced as a pickup truck in 2021, featuring a distinctive angular design, unlike the Activesphere with soft shadows and smooth lines.

The Cybertruck has a bold and unconventional design. It is made with an ultra-hard 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel exoskeleton that ensures durability to make it resistant to scratches and dents. On the other hand, the Activesphere has a futuristic vibe. Audi’s new concept is more vulnerable because the body is built with glass, while durable materials are more apparent in Cybertruck’s exterior.

Tesla’s upcoming pickup truck model has a range of up to 500 miles, depending on the battery option chosen. Both these vehicles are made with an advanced electric powertrain and autonomous driving capabilities.

For Audi’s final sphere series concept, the interior is designed to be a comfortable and relaxing space with augmented reality technology. The spacious cabin has various high-tech features, such as autopilot, a touchscreen interface, and more.

Is it better than Cybertruck?

Both the Audi Activesphere and Tesla Cybertruck are innovative vehicles offering unique features. Ultimately, the choice will depend on the preferences, such as design, performance, features, and driving experience.

Ultimately, the choice between the Audi Activesphere and Tesla Cybertruck would depend on individual preferences and needs. While the Activesphere offers a more luxurious and futuristic driving experience, the Cybertruck excels in terms of durability and focuses more on its rugged qualities. Both cars represent cutting-edge EV technology and are sure to appeal to different segments of the market.




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