New GMC Sierra Denali Electric Truck To Be Revealed This October

5 min readNov 2, 2022

This October, there’s big news in the truck world as General Motors unveiled its newest electric pickup truck, the GMC Sierra Denali. It is set to have a lot of new features that will make it stand out from the older gas-powered version.

GMC teased fans with new EV

Teasers are a part of any automaker’s marketing department to drum up excitement and awareness ahead of the launch of a new model. Last December, the company released a sneak peek of the Sierra EV’s front end to get a better look at its design.

The brand posted a tweet saying, “Meet the Denali of EVs, towering above your expectations of an electric truck.” Many GMC fans were excited after seeing the teaser for the upcoming EV. Aside from its social media pages, GMC announced the reveal details on its consumer site. They also included a 15-second video of the forthcoming vehicle. The automaker showed the truck accessories and parts on the front fascia to catch people’s attention. Luckily for GMC, it has successfully made an attention-worthy vehicle with its upcoming Sierra EV.

Since the details released last year were limited, people expect the new Sierra Denali to have some impressive features. Many news outlets and fans speculate that the truck will be based on Sierra’s sister, the Chevy Silverado EV. Some specs of the Silverado EV have partly been revealed. People expect the new electric Sierra to come with several battery pack options and a rear-wheel drive base version.

GMC unveiled the newest electric truck on the 20th of October. They have also released a video on YouTube showing the features of the anticipated 2024 Sierra Denali EV. The electric truck is designed for those who want the best of both worlds — an environmentally friendly and efficient pickup truck. The older gas-powered version was great, but this electric truck takes it up a notch.

Has anything changed on the electric Sierra?

GMC Sierra is an infamous truck because of its involvement in several pedestrian accidents. The gas-powered version has a square-shaped front end and a high hood — the increased size of the vehicle’s front causes blind spots.

The design of the front end can be considered one of the old Sierra’s downsides. It is because pickups with higher carriages and larger bodies could harm pedestrians. It has a higher ground clearance that the victim could potentially trap the victim underneath the speeding truck instead of being pushed off to the side or onto the hood. The blocked view could lead to accidents as pedestrians will be more likely to suffer severe blows to the head and torso.

But the 2024 Sierra Denali seems to debut with a fresh face, along with these fantastic features:

  • Front-end design: Based on the photos released by GMC, the Sierra EV has a prominent faux grille up front. In the EV version’s frontage, you’ll notice an inverted L-shaped light that frames Sierra’s fascia.
  • Lighting: A chrome-surrounded panel wraps the center stage, where the grille should be. It is highlighted by a black GMC logo that lights up. The grille has large LED running lights that will greet you when you walk in front of the truck. It may fool you into thinking those are the headlights, but the actual ones are housed in small openings below the daylight running lights.
  • Interior: Quilted seats with the Denali name embroidered on the headrest can be seen in the interior. It is made with open-pore wood and aluminum trim. It also includes etched stainless steel Bose speaker grilles. A large glass panel on the roof is present, which sets it apart from other trucks.
  • Storage: Unlike other electric pickup trucks in GMC’s lineup, the Sierra gets a more useful 5'11" bed, so you can put many items. It has the well-known MultiPro Midgate that allows you to flip down the back seats and open the rear wall of the passenger compartment. This lets you create a spacious 9-foot open-air cargo length. You can also configure the MultiPro tailgate to extend the bed floor, making the measurement 10'10". But that’s not all — you can get more space for your items when you open the front trunk.
  • Suspension: The electric pickup sits on Air Ride adaptive suspension. This suspension feature lets the driver raise or lower the ride height up to 2 inches. The adaptative suspension system is great for off-road or highway conditions. The gas-powered GMC Sierra is a popular truck for aftermarket products like Method wheels. But the electric version comes with 24-inch alloy wheels and 35-inch diameter tires.
  • Drivetrain: The EV truck will come standard with four-wheel steering and can pull off the Hummer EV’s cool CrabWalk lateral steering.
  • Battery: The battery pack’s capacity has not been announced, but it’s likely the same as the Silverado EV, with 400 miles per charge under optimal conditions.
  • Towing and Payload: The Sierra Denali EV is said to accelerate from 0–60 mph in under 4.5 seconds. The Sierra Denali Edition 1’s standard trailering package boasts a 9,500-pound towing capacity, which is 500 pounds short of the Silverado RST’s rating. For the maximum payload, it is still the same at 1,300 pounds.
  • Safety tech: The standard Super Cruise hands-free highway steering assist in the Sierra EV is Identical to the Silverado’s driver aid tech. This can automatically change lanes and is beneficial while towing.

Out with the old, in with the new

The electric truck production of General Motors will lag behind its rivals like Ford F-150 Lightning. Ford has begun delivering the first batches of the F-150 Lightning, and it also got overwhelming orders.

The market is relatively crowded for the Sierra Denali EV. Aside from its sister Chevrolet Silverado EV, it will compete with Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T, and possibly the Tesla Cybertruck.

In GMC’s lineup, the Sierra is one of the most popular truck models. In the second quarter of 2021, its sales increased to 40 percent year over year. The electric version of the Sierra will only be available in the famous Denali trim. The truck will run on Ultium, a game-changing electric vehicle battery platform by GM.

The Sierra EV launching in the famous Denali trim will be the third all-electric vehicle in GMC’s portfolio. It comes after the electric versions of the Hummer SUV and pickup truck. The truck model will be assembled at Factory Zero in Detroit and Hamtramck, Michigan. Although unveiled this October, it won’t go into production until early 2023.

The GMC Vice President, Duncan Aldred, said the Sierra Denali holds tremendous equity for the company and its customers since they have an opportunity to evolve the vehicle’s technologies and capabilities. The transitioning to all-electric propulsion made it all possible, while the company elevates the comfort and luxurious design of Denali trim.

The new GMC Sierra Denali electric truck is a highly anticipated model in the automotive industry. With its advanced features, superior performance, and sleek design, it is set to be a hit among drivers who value style and sustainability. Whether you’re looking for more power or efficiency on your daily commute, this electric vehicle will not disappoint.




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