Purchasing with Online Shops and Retailers

2 min readAug 25, 2016


The pace of people now a days is really fast, “time is gold” as what the old saying goes. Consumers tend to look for ways to compensate the time in choosing products in a much more convenient way. Entrepreneurs are also investing with Ecommerce businesses to reach out the new generation of consumers. A good example is an automotive parts and accessories online shop.

Shop owners would put up an ecommerce site and post the products and services they can offer online. Not only is it cheap to maintain, but also very convenient to consumers.

When purchasing online, make sure to check the credibility and reputation of the site. Look for first-hand experiences, forums, and review sites. Here is a good example, let’s say 4wheelonline.com. Type in at Google “4wheelonline.com reviews” the first thing that pops out in the search results is this site; https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.4wheelonline.com

Check the response and comments of the said site and weigh total outcome of the reviews.

Usually, the source you choose should be able to supply you with parts or accessories for current model machines within a day or two. Older and exotic machines or odd ball parts for current machines will understandably take longer.

Customer support and tech support is the next biggest consideration. Your ability to be able to quickly and easily interface with customer support and tech support will really save you a lot of grief. Getting the right part for your vehicle the first time you order is the goal. When you need parts for a project, you need them now, and to be right.

One of best practices is to get the right parts and accessories. Initially, it is to get the original part number from what you are looking for. But the part numbers are always being changed and updated in databases so you want to start with the right number.

The return policies are the next thing to consider. Make sure you know the policies. No supplier would want to get back at a dirty part that you have discovered could not fit after you put it on. So always consider looking at the part over carefully and comparing it to the one you’re going to replace.

Keeping the seal and wrapping material is another good way to make returns easy. The fastest way to return a part is to be able to slip it right back into the box you got it in and ship it off. Some suppliers will provide you with a return label and authorization code that will allow for a hassle free return.

We hope that these tips will be very helpful to consumer on how to deal with a shady supplier that will at the end of the day be more trouble than they are worth.




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