Standing Up on a Tonneau Cover

5 min readJan 5, 2023

If you’re into upgrading your pickup truck, there are no other truck accessories than can beat tonneau covers. Not only does it give your vehicle an extraordinary custom look, but it also helps protect your cargo from the elements and adds some storage space!

If you want to take things one step further, it’s actually possible to stand up on certain types of tonneau covers. That’s right. Ladders and stools are also useful but tonneau covers can also help you stand tall and give you the extra height that you need. So let’s dive into what makes these covers sturdy and how to choose one that matches your style and needs.

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How much weight can you place on top of a tonneau cover?

The weight limit is dependent on the type of cover you have.

Here are some general guidelines:

•If you’re using a basic steel tonneau cover with a single-wall design, the maximum weight that can be placed on top is six times the cover’s weight. It is usually around 200 pounds.

•If you’re using a full-body style cover with an integrated tailgate bar, the maximum weight that can be placed on it is eight times its weight. It is usually around 400 pounds.

•For a full-body style tonneau cover with an integrated tailgate bar, the maximum weight that can be placed on it is 12 times its weight. It is usually around 800 pounds.

Types of tonneau covers that are tough enough to stand on

  • Hard retractable tonneau covers

Who says pickup trucks can’t be fancy? Tonneau covers are designed to give your pickup truck that sleek, stylish look while providing you with convenient access to whatever is hiding in the back. The best part about tonneau covers? You literally can stand on them. That’s because most hard retractable tonneau covers are made of materials like aluminum and fiberglass that can easily handle a typical adult’s weight (just remember not to jump or stomp too hard!). If you’re looking for an accessory to give your pickup truck an extra edge in the style department, a hard retractable tonneau cover may very well be your answer.

  • Hard one-piece tonneau covers

Tonneau covers have gone from simple cloth-like materials to hard, one-piece covers that protect the pickup bed and its contents. But can you actually stand on one of these upgraded hard tonneau covers? The answer is an emphatic yes — these covers are made from tough materials like aluminum and fiberglass and are certainly strong enough to hold your weight. In fact, with all of their added protection benefits due to their strength and durability, it’s no wonder that hard tonneau covers remain some of the most popular additions pickup truck owners make to their vehicles.

Toughest bed covers on the market

  • Tyger Auto T5 Alloy Tri-fold Tonneau Cover

This premium cover is designed to give you unbeatable protection no matter what the weather throws your way. It’s made of lightweight but aircraft-grade solid material. The bed cover is tough enough to handle up to 500 lbs when stood on. Plus, no drilling is necessary for installation — it comes with a unique quick-release latch system and installs in no time.

  • Bakflip MX4 Premium Hard-folding Tonneau Cover

This sleek and stylish cover has it all and more. Made from aircraft-grade aluminum with an extra-thick layer of powder-coat paint, the MX4 is designed to last through all kinds of weather. And thanks to its low-profile design and matte black finish, your truck will look cooler and be protected from the elements too! You can also lock in position during each fold for full or 2/3 access — ideal for whatever task or adventure you have planned for your truck. But best of all, it ensures that any cargo stored in the bed will remain safe since it can withstand 400 lbs. of evenly distributed weight.

  • Renegade Bed Cover

The Renegade Cover is your best option for an unbeatable, secure tonneau truck bed cover. It’s a durable, reliable, heavy-duty cover that promises to keep your cargo out of sight and secure! With a function-driven trifold design, you won’t have to worry about losing access to your gear wherever your next adventure may take you. And its weight-bearing capacity is no joke — up to 2,000 pounds of haul capacity on top of this tonneau cover. That’s like hauling 1 ton with ease (depending on load capacity). Plus, it is made with superior aluminum material that is weather-tight and resistant to water, dust, and mud, so keeping your cargo safe and damage-free year-round isn’t an issue. To make sure it stays secure at all times, Renegade provides an innovative keyless entry system for convenience when locking up the bed cover.

  • DiamondBack HD Tonneau Cover

Introducing the Diamondback HD Tonneau Cover: the perfect solution for anyone looking to turn their truck bed into a secure and stylish storage space. This tonneau cover is stronger than any other on the market, with its durable .100-inch thick aluminum panels can support up to 1600 lbs of weight. The optional black coating also guarantees protection against dents, scratches, and dings. For convenience and security, each panel opens and closes quickly with gas struts, and locking handles require a key to open — ensuring your cargo is safe at all times. And if you’re worried about water damage, don’t be! The HD has a water-resistant seal to give you even more peace of mind.


Just like tire and wheel packages, tonneau covers are also an investment. Make sure to get the most out of your money by researching which type of cover best suits your needs and which brand has the best reviews. Keep in mind that even if a particular truck bed cover is designed to support your weight, it is still prone to breakage if you stand on it. If you need to access anything on top of your truck, you can also use a ladder instead of directly stepping on the cover. Doing this will ensure your safety and prevent any damage to your vehicle.




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