The List Of Most Stolen Cars In The USA

7 min readJun 25, 2021

The List Of Most Stolen Cars In The USA


The USA experienced a significant increase in automobile theft cases. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), the current rise of stolen car cases reversed the two-year decline in 2019.

The average number of vehicles stolen each day in the United States is 2,118, which is around 88 car thefts per hour according to insurance stats. Even with the combined efforts of law enforcement, antitheft programs, technology, and NICB in theft reduction, auto theft is still a prevailing problem that affects most cities. NICB identifies the pandemic, economic downturn, loss of juvenile outreach programs, and public safety budgetary and resource limitations as likely contributing factors in the increase of these cases.

Cars are becoming harder to steal now with the constantly upgrading antitheft systems such as immobilizers, car alarms, steering wheel locks, and GPS trackers. Although, they’re not enough to prevent thieves from stealing the car.

Some car owners have become complacent with the safety of their vehicles. Some owners don’t park their cars in well-lit areas. Some also leave their valuables that attract potential thieves. During the first year of the pandemic, people were driving less due to lockdowns. Cars were left idle and were vulnerable to auto theft.

Car thieves exploit these opportunities using new and complex methods in stealing vehicles. Their tactics include acquiring smart keys which eliminate hot-wiring, switching vehicle identification numbers, and also using stolen identities to secure loans for expensive vehicles.

If you want to be proactive in avoiding theft, you should be aware of your car’s model. Some vehicles in the United States are more likely prone to get stolen due to their perceived value. Some thieves aim for specific models to sell for higher profit. Perhaps you can check the following vehicle models as these are the most stolen cars in the USA:

10. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee is the first 4x4 vehicle on the list. It is a coveted compact SUV for its all-terrain capability, practicality, and longevity. Its unibody chassis fetches a good resale value than its heavier body-on-frame competition thus it becomes a target for stealing. Owners should be aware of their build of Jeep Cherokee. Some take the door off leaving it vulnerable and accessible to auto thieves. It currently stands with 9,818 cases of theft with the model year 2000 as the most stolen with 646 thefts.

9. Dodge Pickup (full size)

The full-size Dodge pickup models — Ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 have been a target for theft for quite some time with 11,226 current theft cases due to their power and price value. According to NICB, the 2001 Dodge Ram is one of the most stolen model years of Dodge Pickup in the US with 1,155 cases of theft alone. Older Dodge pickups weren’t equipped with smart safety and security features. Even though the newer models have it, it won’t be able to stop every thief. It seems like Dodge pickup winning Truck of the Year and having one of the best interiors also caught the attention of potential thieves.

8. GMC Pickup (full size)

GMC pickup truck offers a combination of luxury and power in their lineup. It has a stylish build and is loaded with cutting-edge technology, truck accessories, and amenities. It’s a reliable truck for heavy-duty work like towing and hauling. No wonder it’s a likely target for car theft with 11,708 cases with the model year 2018 being the most stolen with 1,170 cases. Discontinued generations were also the point of interest because of the limited supply of parts that can be resold for a high price.

7. Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is a compact car well-known for its fuel efficiency. Corolla has a huge sales number in the entirety of its production run due to the appeal of its size, fuel economy, and strong value. It is still highly in demand that owners can fetch a great resale price. It’s not hard to see why this car has been a target of car thieves. Toyota Corolla stands with 12,388 cases of theft with the model year 2017 as the most stolen with 1,034 cases. It is consistently included in most stolen car lists due to the value of its parts as well.

6. Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is a good mid-size sedan that remains popular today. Many are attracted to its sleek appearance that it bears a resemblance to luxury sedans. It has good gas mileage, wide cargo space, and a spacious and comfortable interior ideal for the long drive. The size and fuel efficiency make it well-liked by car owners. Newer models have been the frequent target of car theft with the model year 2017 racking up 1,145 cases. It currently stands with a total of 13,284 car theft cases.

5. Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry is the second car from Toyota on this list. It’s a consumer favorite vehicle because of its proven reliability and also affordability. It’s consistently one of the bestsellers of Toyota. There’s plenty of Toyota Camry on the road leaving it susceptible to potential car thieves. Demands for stripped-off parts also make it desirable to them. The recent generation of Toyota Camry are frequently stolen with

the 2017 model year reaching 1,144 cases and a total of 16.906 cases of car theft.

4. Chevrolet Pickup (full size)

Pickup trucks have become more popular in recent years. Chevy pickup trucks have become more alluring to buyers and thieves alike. Chevrolet offers a lineup of pickup trucks that ranks well for fuel efficiency, reliability, and performance. They have a lower starting price for either 2WD or 4WD configuration than their GMC counterpart. They’re also regarded as long-lasting trucks that regularly make it past more than 200,000 miles. Chevrolet pickup trucks accumulated a total of 31,566 cases of auto theft with the model year 2004 as the most stolen with 2,097 cases.

3. Ford Pickup (full size)

The Ford F-series is the best-selling vehicle in the United State dominating other pickup trucks in terms of sales. Ford F-series trucks offer different variants such as high-performance work trucks, off-road capable trucks, and luxury-oriented models. It is also a popular truck to customize with a lot of options for accessories and wheel and tire packages. Ford F-series trucks have also become a staple on the road for many states thus being an easy target for car theft due to demand for both parts and the whole vehicle. Ford pickup trucks currently stand with 36,355 cases of car theft with 2006 as the most stolen model year with 3,173 cases.

2. Honda Accord

Honda Accord is one of the best-selling mid-size sedans for decades. The size is perfect for both solo drivers and families alike. The popularity is due to its efficient gas mileage, excellent handling, and spacious interior. Being both affordable and bestseller means that they’re easy to spot outside leaving plenty of units exposed for potential car thieves to steal. The 1997 model year is the most stolen model with 5,029 cases of theft. The reason behind this is because of its flaw in the ignition due to aging. The keyhole becomes imprecise that it is easy to fit something that can potentially start the engine. Honda Accord currently has 36,815 cases of car theft.

1. Honda Civic

Honda Civic consistently makes it to the list of the most stolen cars in the USA every year because they’re everywhere. Thanks to its efficient fuel economy, comfortable interior space, quality engineering, and low ownership cost, Honda Civic makes an ideal choice for a compact car. It is a highly sought-after vehicle for basic transportation for consumers. Both Honda Accord and Honda Civic hold a premium resale value which is why they’re often targeted by thieves. They can also profit by stripping the parts of Honda Civic and selling them. The Honda Civic tops the list with a current total of 38,426 cases of car theft with the model year 2000 as the most stolen model with 5,290 cases.


Even if your vehicle isn’t included in this list, you should still be wary of possible car theft. Automobile theft prevention applies to anyone regardless of the make and model of the vehicle. Older vehicle models are an easy target for potential car thieves because of the lack of safety features. Newer vehicle model years with state-of-the-art security and safety features are not immune to theft too. Seasoned professionals in car theft can disable these features within a few minutes as they also possess sophisticated technology that enables them to do so.

There are plenty of tips that you can follow for additional safety and security measures against car theft. You can equip your vehicle with warning devices, immobilizing devices, and GPS tracking as well. Being vigilant and keeping yourself informed will help you prepare for such a possible incident. If you want to strengthen the safety and security of your vehicle, you can count on 4WheelOnline. We offer aftermarket parts and accessories for vehicle safety and security at an affordable price.

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