What to Consider When Selecting the Most Suitable Jeep Model to Buy

5 min readApr 27, 2023


Ever since Wrangler rose to fame, the Jeep brand has convinced a lot of outdoor enthusiasts that they create a capable rig to drive in rough terrains. It has been a go-anywhere automobile, whether for rock-crawling, mudding, dune bashing, or other recreational off-roading activities.

But Jeep isn’t only confined to a rugged lifestyle. The brand also offers sleeker family-friendly sport utility vehicles (SUVs) that come in different size classes, such as compact, mid-size, or full-size. Those Jeep models are great for city driving and even occasional undemanding cross-country driving.

If you’re looking for a Jeep model to purchase, you may need to consider these factors to help you find the right one.

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These questions are typically asked, especially to those who are looking for new vehicles:

  • Will you use the SUV mostly for daily commuting?
  • Are you going to haul items beyond people most of the time?
  • Do you have more passengers than items to transport?

One of the important things to consider when buying any vehicle is its purpose. Equipment and other stuff you need to haul should be a part of your consideration, so it is crucial to check for the towing capacity for bigger hauls, such as Wagoneer and Gladiator, with improved chassis strength to haul some cargo.

You must take note that hauling isn’t just for things. It could also apply to people that would usually ride with you. If you have kids, you may only need to drive them to and from their school, then to your workplace — making the Renegade or Cherokee a good option. If you’re using the vehicle for work and play, you must consider a versatile model with ample towing capacity and impressive features, which are functional for your adventures.


Not only should you decide on the purpose, reliability when traveling long distances, and other details, but you must also consider its versatility. Jeep is proud to say that they created their SUV models with versatile nature.

Wrangler or Gladiator are matched for drivers who seek a rough and tough vehicle. They are suitable to drive on any surface. So, aside from driving on smooth concrete highways, you can go without hassle on rocky or muddy trails. You may install aftermarket rims like Method wheels to a versatile vehicle, which is advantageous for off-roading or street-driving. Adding some improvements to make your Jeep beneficial for camping trips or long cross-country travel to your relatives, primarily when they live in rural states.

Design and features

Wrangler is the famous model in Jeep’s lineup due to its sporty look. Not just but a lot of young drivers desire to travel with this Jeep model due to its famous boxy style with the iconic slot grille. It has open-air freedom, making the roof and doors removable. It allows drivers and passengers to experience the sunbeams and cool breeze while driving through the highway, or even if you park near the beach or a campsite.

The Compass has decent features with a few off-roading chops, though it may not stand out from the crowd. It has impressive interior tech with plenty of standard features. However, because of its compact size, do not expect to fit the items you need to bring to your trip.

Some models offer roomier cabins and extra cargo space, which all family members can enjoy, especially when traveling. The Grand Cherokee offers a roomier interior for seating and better legroom.

Fuel economy

With the rising cost of gasoline and diesel, a lot of drivers want a vehicle that provides competitive fuel economy ratings. Aside from satisfying your adventurous demands, you can hit the trail and go the extra mile without the high fuel cost.

With its stellar ratings, the Renegade may be the one you are searching for if you want a vehicle that highlights fuel efficiency. However, if you want something different, the Grand Cherokee 4xe may be the one for you. Deemed the strongest Grand Cherokee currently on the market, it spews out a 25-mile electric range on a single charge. It also gets an EPA-estimated 19 mpg on gas alone and 56 MPGe when running in electric mode.

Driving condition

When buying a Jeep, you should also consider your usual driving condition. Many Jeep models come with four-wheel drive (4WD), while others have all-wheel drive (AWD). These systems are effective depending on the weather and road conditions.

AWD is suitable for those who want better control and handling in their vehicle, including those who live in areas that experience rough weather conditions as well. Since it is lightweight, you’ll see AWD predominantly in smaller vehicle types, such as sedans and crossovers.

On the other hand, 4WD is designed to handle rugged off-road conditions better. It also delivers a strong performance in poor weather conditions. However, 4WD usually combines two differentials and a transfer case, making it heavier than AWD systems. You may notice that most 4WD are larger than those without it.


Aside from off-roading capabilities, Jeep is known as a brand that offers vehicles with utmost customizability. If overlanding is your thing, you can replace the stock wheels and tires for something that can endure the roughness of the terrain. Replacing the top of a Wrangler is also a popular customization. It allows you to enjoy open-air freedom but shields you from the weather, dust, and dirt.

Usually, cargo covers and floor liners are installed in most Jeep models like Grand Cherokee and Wagoneer. If used as a vehicle for daily driving, there are certain products that you can install on a Jeep to improve its functionality. Putting cargo management products will make it easy to organize and keep the space tidy.

Choosing a vehicle to be your trusty companion can be overwhelming, especially for adventures or as a reliable rig to drive your friends or family to their destination. But the capability to add some Jeep accessories based on your needs and preferences can help you pick the best one that suits your needs and preferences.

Selecting a Jeep

The type of vehicle you drive may say a lot about your personality. Outgoing and adventurous drivers prefer a more rugged vehicle that lets them enjoy the outdoors. Others prefer a more streamlined yet reliable vehicle that drives smoothly on the road. That’s what Jeep is known for — promoting the brand by highlighting its off-road competency.

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, choosing among the Jeep models can be a challenge. Considering the factors mentioned here will leave you with an idea of which Jeep is better suited to your needs and lifestyle.




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