Would You Rather Buy a Convertible Truck?

5 min readAug 23, 2022

These days, people debate over whether pickup trucks are still worth buying. Some people swear by their love for pickup trucks, while others think more stylish cars should rule the roads. But if you want a pickup that looks different from others, the one you may be searching for is a convertible truck. Jeep Gladiator is a pickup that combines a truck’s functionality with a convertible car’s style, so would you buy it?

Photo Credit: Martin Baertges

What sets Gladiator apart from other pickup trucks?

The convertible design is not the only thing that makes Jeep Gladiator unique. It has several features that make it stand out from the rest, such as the following:

Open-air: It is the only mid-size truck on the market with an open roof. You may easily remove the Jeep top to provide an open-air setup like a convertible car. Leave it open or customize the cab with aftermarket products like a soft or hard top. Aside from the roof, the doors can also be removed — a popular thing that most Jeep owners enjoy off-roading would do.

Towing capacity: The Jeep Gladiator can tow up to 7650 pounds, which is more than most pickup trucks in the market. That makes it perfect for those who need a pickup truck for work purposes.

Off-road capability: Another feature that sets the Jeep Gladiator apart is its off-road capabilities. This pickup truck is equipped with 33-inch all-terrain tires, which allow it to go off the beaten path without any problem.

Customizable: Just like Jeep’s most customizable model, the Wrangler, you can modify some parts of the Gladiator to personalize the style and improve its performance. You can put on aftermarket products like Moto Metal wheels, beefier tires, Jeep tops, and more.

Cool features: The 2022 model received minor changes, from the previously standard 5.0-inch one to a bigger 7.0-inch infotainment screen. It has a remote proximity keyless entry on Mojave, Rubicon, and Overland trims. Buyers may also opt for a more extensive 8.4-inch infotainment system with nine Alpine speakers and navigation features (which comes standard on certain higher trims.)

How is Jeep Gladiator a convertible truck?

A saying goes, “when the top goes down, the price goes up.” Convertible cars aren’t really practical but very stylish. Back then, convertible coupes were a hit. It is called top-down by some people and is usually driven by people with disposable income. Compared to other passenger cars, they are incredibly pricey.

Pickup trucks do not typically come as convertibles. Even though many automakers produce pickups, the design is somewhat the same. However, Jeep has tried to do something out of the norm. The company turns the boxy features of the vehicles in its line to create a pickup truck design.

The Jeep Gladiator is ideal for adventurous and serious drivers who want a lot of cargo space for hauling. The spacious truck bed allows you to put sports gear and camping items. It can also be used even if you’re planning to do a home improvement project, as it enables you to lay many paint cans and other materials onto the truck bed.

Open-air freedom

Open-air is a popular feature on Wrangler since it helps to quiet the wind noise. It also allows easier access to full or partial open top positions.

The open-air freedom is perfect for hot summer days, especially when you want to enjoy the breeze and sun while driving. Although the Gladiator is a pickup truck, Jeep managed to incorporate the incredible.

Removing the top provides open-air access to the cab. Like other popular vehicles in Jeep’s lineup, the Gladiator has a removable top which you can change depending on your style and purpose. But unlike convertible cars, it does not have a mechanism that moves the top. You may manually put a soft or hard top to a Gladiator to block off dirt and provide shade to the interior.

To make the convertible-esque driving more exciting, drivers may unplug any existing electrical connections and then unbolt the door from the Gladiator’s body. But before you try busting off the doors, you must check your local laws on no-door vehicles. Moreover, you will only be left with rearview mirrors because the side mirrors are not usable if you remove the doors. To comply with specific state laws, you must find an aftermarket solution to reattach the mirrors to the Jeep’s body.

Is the Gladiator the right truck for you?

Due to its boxy design, the Gladiator has the same Wrangler’s frontage. Compared to other pickup trucks on the market, the Gladiator has buckets of charisma and boasts superb off-road chops. It carries the Jeep badge, known for creating SUVs that can tackle rugged terrains.

The option for manual transmission nowadays has become rare. For those who love stick shift driving, Jeep gives you an opportunity to drive home a base model Gladiator Sport with six-speed manual transmission. The truck also comes in automatic transmission. The 3.6-liter V-6 engine comes standard, with 285 horsepower and 260 lb.-ft. Torque. The power output is comparable to rivals like the Ford Ranger and Honda Ridgeline.

Noisy cabins and bouncy rides are the usual complaints on most Jeep vehicles. You will most likely experience that when driving on the pavement rather than on rugged terrains. Gladiator’s truck bed is smaller than its rivals, which may limit the utility. Albeit the downsides of practicality and issues in handling, it is an appealing vehicle for many people, especially those who enjoy the outdoors.

Albeit its shortcomings, the Gladiator is a capable trail-blazing machine that does not look the same as the typical pickups you would drive along the road. Think of it as a Wrangler that can haul and tow. Also, there’s no other truck that can match its roofless experience.

Among other standard pickup trucks, the 2022 Jeep Gladiator may not be the most practical. Some data analytics firms say it is far from the best feature-per-dollar value compared to others. However, when properly maintained and serviced, the truck can achieve fuel efficiency estimates of 16 mpg city, 23 mpg highway, and 19 MPG combined.

But the great thing about the truck is how customizable it is. You can install various Jeep accessories to improve its performance and enhance its looks. Additionally, upgrading some parts can make it more off-road-worthy.

The robust towing capacity when properly equipped, off-roading prowess, and convertible capability make the Gladiator an exciting and impressive pickup truck. Test driving will help you determine if it’s the right one for you. If you still haven’t decided, the best way is to ask the dealer to take it out for a spin.




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